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Monthly subscription with delivery included

Monthly delivery from our farm to your table of pasture raised chicken. Available in small, medium, and large packages.


  • You provide a cooler, and we will provide your chicken delivery date and reusable ice packs on your first delivery.
  • For the first delivery, you will place your cooler out on the morning of the delivery. We will leave your chicken on your doorstep in your cooler with the cold packs until you get home.
  • For subsequent deliveries, you will put your cooler and chilled/reusable ice packs out, and we will deliver the chicken to you.
  • You will have a credit/debit card on file to be charged monthly and after being charged, you will receive a copy of your paid invoice via email.
  • What happens if I forget to put out my cooler on delivery day? We will deliver again asap, when you notify us that your cooler is ready and charge another $5 delivery fee.
    *If you live outside of Austin, we can make alternate arrangements for delivery locations, e.g. church or office

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