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Our journey to the farm...

We weren’t born farmers… But we were born to farm!

Over time, we came to the conviction that as Christians, should be at the forefront of regenerative agriculture because we have the strongest reason of all….love. We love creation because God does. We love creation because we love our neighbors and cannot love our neighbors and poison the land that they live on.

Our thought process was this:

1. Food is one of the most direct ways that humans interact with and effect the world and the other creatures in it.
2. Someone has to do this work of producing food and it must be done better than the current status quo
3. Of all the people that we know, who is best suited, equipped, and would actually love to go live ‘out there’ and do the hands-on work of making peace with the land? ….. it’s us!

That day we made the decision that we would begin to move from landscaping to regenerative farming. We have been influenced and taught by so many people that have gone before us. Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, Mark Shepard, Diego Footer, Darby Simpson and many others. We have big dreams and big plans for the future. Too many to list here. Right now, it all begins with pastured chickens and pastured pork. From there we also hope to start raising  grass finished beef.



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