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Our Journey to the Farm

Flavor and Flourishing 

A few years ago we were challenged and inspired by examples of what biologically-diverse, pasture-raised farms could do for environmental and human health. We tried our first bites of grass-fed meat from an Austin farmers market, and we couldn’t believe the difference in color, texture and flavor!

After ‘nerding-out’ and researching the intersection of food, faith and regenerative agriculture, our growing family left behind apartment life to feed our community and help creation flourish through farming!

We practice “management intensive rotational grazing methods,” which means our animals are raised on grass and moved to fresh pasture frequently.

Farming this way has some pretty incredible effects – it takes carbon out of the air and puts it back into the soil (sequestration!), improves overall soil health and pasture quality (with disturbance and poop!), honors the dignity of our animals, AND produces incredibly tasty, nutrient-dense food for Austin-area families (including ours).

Raising animals the way God intended makes them taste the way God intended- AMAZING. You can “taste the love” in our poultry and pork – not just because we put our love into it, but because flavor itself is a gift from God!

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